HTI: Research and Education in a changing world

Our mission is to perform fundamental research on human-technology interaction, particularly with respect to communication and information and in regard to the promotion of more sustainable performance of individuals. With a solid psychological foundation and located and connected with the technical departments at Eindhoven University of Technology, the HTI group is at the cutting edge of user-system interaction research.

Trust in Self-Driving Cars

Our colleague Frank Verberne has been performing the last studies for his PhD thesis in the driving simulator at TNO, examing when people trust self-driving cars to a greater extent, and testing the effects of similarity on trust. He was interviewed by RTV Utrecht ( and an article (in Dutch, by one of our former HTI student!) is available here:

Editie NL Over De-Escalate Project Stratumseind

Yvonne de Kort heeft onlangs een subsidie ontvangen om de invloed van licht op menselijk gedrag te onderzoeken. Eén van de projecten vindt plaats op Stratumseind, het uitgaangsgebied in Eindhoven. EditieNL interviewde Yvonne over het werk dat ze zal gaan doen. Bekijk het volledige fragment hier. Een interview met de Nederlandse krant Trouw is ook beschikbaar als download bij het bericht op deze site.

Promotie en Radio Interview Karin Solders

Karin Smolders heeft op 3 december met success haar proefschrift getiteld 'Daytime Light Exposure: Effects and Preferences' verdedigd. Een interview met Karin voor 'HoeZo Radio' is hieronder terug te luisteren. (Firefox gebruikers kunnen het fragment hier terugluisteren).


Professor Chris Snijders Talks at TedX Maastricht BrainTrain

Professor Chris Snijders participated in the TedX-Maastricht BrainTrain event: a talk on OddSpot in the Amsterdam-Maastricht train.

Because Powerpoint slides could not be used, Chris put some slides on two t-shirts, which seemed to work out quite well:

Prof. IJsselsteijn on Psychology 2.0

Professor Wijnand IJsselsteijn discussed Psychology 2.0 on BNR radio, and highlights the importance of the interaction between psychology and technology, both for designing better new technologies, but also to better understand human behavior. Listen to the interview here (Interview in Dutch).


De toekomst van robots op Radio 5

Afgelopen zondag was Dr Raymond Cuijpers te horen op Radio 5 bij het programma ‘De ander wereld’ van de IKON over robots in de zorg en de toekomst van robots. Via de onderstaande link kunnen jullie het interview beluisteren.

Machines outperform lay persons in recognizing emotions elicited by autobiographical recollection

Over the last decade, an increasing number of studies have focused on automated recognition of human emotions by machines. However, performances of machine emotion recognition studies are difficult to interpret because benchmarks have not been established. In order to provide such a benchmark, we compared machine with human emotion recognition. We gathered facial expressions, speech, and physiological signals from 17 individuals expressing 5 different emotional states.

Highlighted paper: Between Challenge and Defeat

Authors: Wouter van den Hoogen, Karolien Poels, Wijnand IJsselsteijn, & Yvonne de Kort

Understanding player behaviour and player experience is a challenging and interesting research agenda. Especially when aiming to understand those experiences as they are unfolding. In this paper the authors provide their view on the link between challenge, skills, player death, and safe zones in FPS games.

For the complete article, visit:

Psychology and Technology increasing female student numbers at TU/e

This year our new Bachelor major Psychology and Technology has opened its door. We are very proud to the higher than expected number of students (more than 40). Above that it turns out that we have reached a relatively large percentage of women, for Eindhoven University of Technology not so common. A new year, a new bachelor!

If you do not see the movie above, please follow this link:

On the importance of Replication (in Psychology)

In the coming edition of "de Psycholoog" an article authored by 2 HTI researchers (Daniël Lakens and Antal Haans) together with Sander Koole. In it they stress the importance of the art and nessecity of replication in Psychology. It is only available in Dutch, but very much worth the read. 

If you want to read the article you can click the image or visit the following url: