Dode hoek Detectie en Signalerings Systemen (DDSS): Concepten van signalering

Project Leader: Jaap Ham
Researchers: Dr. E.S. Wilschut, Ing. V. Meijering, B. Merkus, Dr. W. IJsselsteijn, Dr J. Ham

blind spotThis project investigates what kind of blind spot detection and signaling system (DDSS) provides the best way to signal the truck driver and/or the vulnerable road user, after detection of a dangerous situation. A lot is already known from the literature about human information processing of system signals, in which trust, acceptance and persuasive technologies play an important role. The main aim is to determine through theoretical research in which way the driver can be optimally informed and warned. Leading to the most adequate reaction and thereby preventing possible accidents. From literature about internal and external motivation it is known that when a system is less intervening to reach a behavioral change, better results are achieved on a long term. Therefore a DDSS should be intervening as little as possible in early stages e.g. only suggesting where possible bicycles are in the blindspot. But when the situation becomes more urgent and dangerous the DDSS should warn more strongly and act more directive.