Domain Courses

Within the HTI master program, students are required to follow 20 ECTS of domain courses, courses in their respective technological domain. Domain courses are important, because they offer you the technical knowledge needed for your graduation project (master thesis). The list has to match your interest and the direction in which you want to do your master thesis. The second requirement is that they should fit with the planning of the other courses in your schedule. The technical courses might overlap required courses in the master program. So you will have to plan in advance to make sure you do not miss a certain course that would be relevant.

In the first semester of the Master, you already have to start following domain courses. So you have to plan right at the start of the program.

The basic idea is that you make a pre-selection form the list and then make an appointment with the domain coordinator or your prospective (thesis) supervisor. He or she can help you completing a consistent/coherent list of subjects.

Which domain courses can I select from?

A PDF document is attached that has an extensive list of courses within the three domains (ICT, Energy and Built environment). This list also includes a detailed description of the procedure one has to follow to select a coherent list of courses. Finally, the list includes names of staff members that have a certain expertise in each domain.

Domain Courses sept 2011

Domain Courses sept 2012

What are integration courses?

Within the 20 ects of domain courses, you are allowed to select 1 or 2 integration courses. These are courses taught by HTI teachers, that integrate technology and human behavior topics. See the domain courses document (download included in this page) for details.

Who should I pick a prospective supervisor?

The list has names of teachers whose expertise matches a certain technical domain. If you want to do your final project within such a domain, you can see which teacher has done interesting projects in the past. The prospective supervisor does not necessarily have to be the actual teacher with whom you will graduate. That will also depend on other factors (time, interests etc). But he or she will be able to judge the quality and fit of your domain courses selection.

How can I get my list of courses approved?

The list with selected domain courses, including a motivation from your side and signed by a prospective supervisor or domain coordinator, should be submitted to the exam committee for approval.

What should I do if I have to make changes to the list?

Changes in the list have to be approved by the prospective supervisor and exam committee. Do this as much as possible in advance, to prevent that you are following classes that will not be approved by the committee or the supervisor.