Research Project

The purpose of the HTI research project (0PP05, 9 ECTS) is to execute a complete research project under supervision of an HTI researcher/teacher. The research project covers the entire empirical cycle, from research question, via experiment, and data analysis to writing a report. Typically, you would do the research project in small groups, but individual projects are possible as well.

Dik Hermes is currently coordinating the research project.

At what time in the program should I carry out the research project?

The HTI research project is scheduled between the international track and the graduation project. Depending on the planning of the international track, this might not always be the best time to do it. Depending on your progress in the HTI program and time available, you might also schedule the research project before the international track. However, the research project will require many of the background knowledge covered in the courses of the HTI master program, so it should be scheduled near the end of you program, after you finished most of the HTI master courses.

Should the research project be linked (topic wise) to the graduation project?

The research project is independent from your graduation project. So you are free to do a research project on a completely different topic and broaden your expertise.

The research project could also be linked to the graduation project, and be used as a pilot study for the graduation project. In some cases this might be preferable, because the graduation project itself is only 30 ects, which in some cases for some projects might be relatively short.