Graduation Information

The master's program ends with a graduation project. Within the HTI master program, you can do your graduation project externally (e.g. working in a project at a company or a government agency) as well internally (working closely together with a researcher of the HTI group. In any case, a staff member of the HTI group will be supervising your project. In the graduation projects section, we present for each staff member their topics of interest and some examples from past projects they have supervised.

Important issues when starting a HTI master project

Before starting the HTI Masters project, please take a look at the following document: ‘important_issues_Master_Project.pdf’. Here frequently occurring issues and points of attention are listed.

Who is coordinating the graduation projects?

Currently, Dik Hermes is coordinating the graduation projects. When you start planning your project, you should consult him. He will be aware of projects that are open. Together with him, you can discuss what project would match your interests and who could be a suitable supervisor.

Even if you already have a supervisor and a project, you should still visit Dik Hermes. In this way we can keep track of all the ongoing projects. He can also tell you more about the procedures.

What facilities are provided for students who do their projects internally?

The HTI group has good facilities for students who do an internal graduation project. First, the HTI labs are available for research. Secondly, there are several office spaces available were several students can work on their projects. For more details about the facilities, contact the HTI secretary office (