IHeynderickx's picture
Ingrid Heynderickx
Wijnand IJsselsteijn's picture
Prof. Dr. Wijnand IJsselsteijn
Immersive media technology, embodiment, serious gaming, affective and intimate computing, social connectedness, stereoscopic displays and applications
Jim Juola's picture
Prof. Dr. Jim Juola
Armin Kohlrausch's picture
Prof. Dr. Armin Kohlrausch
Auditory perception and modeling, audio-visual perception, sound impact on humans
Cees Midden's picture
Prof. Dr. Cees Midden
Behavior change and persuasive technology, environmental behavior, trust, technology acceptance, risk perception & risk communication, light, social judgment
Chris Snijders's picture
Prof. Dr. Chris Snijders
web science, (model based) decision making, sociology of innovation, trust, game theory
Yvonne de Kort's picture
Dr. ir. Yvonne de Kort
Light, Restoring from stress, and Social Digital Media
Raymond Cuijpers's picture
Dr. Ir. Raymond Cuijpers
Cognitive Robotics, Perception, Human Motor Control, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence
Paul de Greef's picture
Dr. Paul de Greef
Antal Haans's picture
Dr. ir. Antal Haans
Environmental Psychology, Light, Situated Social Interaction (e.g., Privacy regulation), Psychological measurement, Embodiment
Jaap Ham's picture
Dr. Jaap Ham
Persuasive Technology, Persuasive Robotics, Unconscious Influencing, Ambient Persuasive Technology
Dik Hermes's picture
Dr. Dik J. Hermes
Hearing, sound perception
DLakens's picture
Dr. Daniel Lakens
Embodiment, Movement Synchrony, Spatial Cognition, Conceptual Thought, Color Associations
Uwe Matzat's picture
Dr. Uwe Matzat
social media/web science/Internet Science
Gerrit Rooks's picture
Dr. Gerrit Rooks
trust and social networks, technology adoption, trust in organizational settings, pro-active personality and social network strategies.
Martijn Willemsen's picture
Dr. ir. Martijn Willemsen
(Online) Decision Making and consumer behavior, Process tracing Methods, Web Science, Recommender systems
Ron Broeders's picture
Dr. Ron Broeders
Sustainability, Morality, Social Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Behavioral Economics
Wouter van den Hoogen's picture
Dr. ir. Wouter van den Hoogen
Affective Computing, Digital Media, Serious Gaming, Conservation Behaviour
Femke Beute's picture
ir. Femke Beute
Environmental Psychology, Restorative environments, daylight, restoring from stress, ego-replenishment, salutogenesis
PJansen's picture
Patty Jansen
Mieke Kleppe's picture
MSc. Mieke Kleppe
AKuisters's picture
Andre Kuijsters
CLiu's picture
Caixia Liu
SLu's picture
Sheng Lu
Maaike Roubroeks's picture
MSc. Maaike Roubroeks
Automatic social behavior, implicit social cognition, social psychology, persuasive technology, health psychology
Peter Ruijten's picture
MSc Peter Ruijten
Persuasive Technology, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Psychology, Sustainable Behavior
Karin Smolders's picture
ir. Karin Smolders
MStokkermans's picture
Mariska Stokkermans
Elena Torta's picture
MSc Elena Torta
Cognitive Robotics, Automation & Control, Ambient Assisted Living.
Leon van Rijswijk's picture
MSc. Leon van Rijswijk
Frank Verberne's picture
MSc. Frank Verberne
Virtual reality, Immersive Virtual Environments, social cognition, stereotypes, automatic behavior, driving simulators, driving behavior, trust in automation, the media equation
HWang's picture
Hui Hui Wang
JWesterink's picture
Dr. Joyce Westerink
psychophysiology, human wellbeing
Martin Boschman's picture
ing. Martin Boschman
heading the HTI lab support team and responsible for the design, realization and maintenance of experimental facilities and software, for instrumental investments and for the coordination of the use of the HTI laboratories.
Ellen de Bree's picture
Ellen de Bree
Jan Roelof de Pijper's picture
Dr. Jan Roelof de Pijper
Anita Nellissen's picture
Anita Nellissen